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As everyone has been experiencing 2020 and navigating this extremely challenging time, we too have had to re-visit how Almost Home B&B will operate 

It is presently October and as predicted a 'second wave' is now happening, therefore my plans to re-open are put on hold. 

It will be a great day for everyone when we have cleared this 'hurdle' and ALL can feel safe, comfortable, and willing to re-start our daily lives in a more physically social and connecting way.  We may not go back totally to what was our 'normal', but travel, visiting family and friends should always be a present and active part of our existence.  To that 'end' when we do re-open (at least for the first, hopefully little while) the following will be put in place.  These are in accordance with Public Health Guidelines, travel specialists recommendations, as well as my personal 'comfort zone'. 

As a small B&B, this is my home 'first' and as such, I, my family, and my guests must feel safe! 

I am in the process of acquiring a quality 'AIR PURIFIER' and when the time is appropriate I will welcome you back … to our 'home' and 'B&B' ! 





 2020-2021 Season - Covid-19 Protocol


Bed and breakfast definition:  A lodging use, where rooms within a single-family dwelling unit are provided to guests by a resident operator, by pre-arrangement on a daily or short-term basis. A breakfast will be served to those booked into the rooms.

 My home 1st and a B&B business 2nd I have set in place a few of my expectations as well.  Some of the following have been in place since opening in 2017 and some are since the Covid-19 restrictions and provincial guidelines. 

 I will have a maximum of only two (2) guests at a time and maximum of two (2) nights stay.

 As this B&B is not a ‘vacation destination’ where one would expect to stay on the premise 24 hours, guests are expected to spend most of the day touring, visiting attractions or family and friends.  This allows me time to keep the premise clean, sanitized, orderly and to use as my home for baking, meals etc. as there is only one kitchen.

 Check-in will be quite simple:  Pre-arrange your arrival time in email … text when you have arrived (door will be unlocked) I will welcome you into my home (my face mask on…as will yours) and a temperature check will be done).    If you have a fever … you will be expected to transfer to larger accommodations offering room services.

 If you have no fever, you will then be given a quick tour, fill-out the guest card and then e-transfer the agreed upon payment at check-in please

 Choose the time and your preference for Breakfast … then I will retire to my living area downstairs.

 I will always be home while guests are in the house and may be reached by the phone intercom for any questions or requests.  A temperature check will be done each morning … with the same outcome.

Special cleaning protocols: Special products have been purchased to disinfect the guests’ living area (thus adding an additional $10.00 to the final price for the room) and there will be a period of 48 hours between guests using the home.

 There will be no ‘outside’ visitors in the home.  If family or friends come to pick you up, they will be required to wait outside.  I too will have no outside visitors in the home during your stay. 

Bedroom doors will always be closed and your room not entered when you are booked in. If you need any supplies (not already in the rooms) please request them and they will be set out in the common area.

 Breakfast:   Will be prepared and set out prior to the time you have chosen, therefore allowing for personal distancing.  The changes during this time will be no HOT breakfast …

 Choices from Individual Servings:  Fruit and cheese platter / muffins / fruit crumble / granola or cold cereal/ yogurt / juice (anything set out and not eaten is discarded)

Guests will have access to tea/coffee, the required condiments and coffee maker. There will also be a few dishes set out for your use, if you bring in ‘take out food’.  However, use of the kitchen and refrigerator will NOT BE PERMITTED! (If you need to keep anything cool, if possible, bring your own cooler)

I do hope these changes and this necessary protocol will be acceptable to guests and still make staying at Almost Home B&B an enjoyable experience ... even under these circumstances.


Thank-you for your understanding!